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A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.
                                                         Marcus Garvey

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Independence Day!

August 2013

"Whereas an Act has been passed by the Legislator of Island of Jamaica for Terminating the Present System of Apprenticeship on the First Day of August Next, and Thereby Granting The Blessing and Privileges of Unrestricted Freedom to All Classes of its Inhabitants and Whereas It Is Incumbent On All The Inhabitants of This Our Island To Testify Their Grateful Sense of This Divine Favour...."   (read more)

August First is Emancipation Day. On 1st August 1834 the Emancipation Act becomes law. On August 1st 1838 all non-labourer slaves are freed. On August 1st 1840 all labourer slaves become free.

Jamaica's Birthday is August 6th.
Watch Independence Celebrations live on JIS on August 6th.

Video streaming by Ustream.

August is also a month of sporting birthdays. On August 1st 1955 Trevor Berbick is born in Portland, on the 5th in 1962 Patrick Ewing is born in Kingston and on August 21st 1986 Usain Bolt is born in Trelawny.

Marcus Garvey was born on August 17th 1887 in St. Ann's Bay and the Jamaica Labour Party came into existence on the 9th in 1942. Jamaica's first trade union, The Carpenters, Bricklayers and Printers Union, held its first meeting on the 8th in 1898. On the 26th in 1998 labour leader and former Prime Minister, Hugh Shearer, married prominent gerontologist, Dr. Denise Eldermire, daughter of another prominent political family. On August 30th 1922 Norman Manley was called to the Jamaican Bar. On the 25th in 1688 Henry Morgan died in St. Catherine and was buried the next day at Port Royal.

On August 26th 1950 the first six Women Police Constables are sworn in at the Police School at Elletson Road.

On August 15th 1973 American author, Alex Haley, rents a cottage at Treasure Beach in St. Elizabeth to begin work on his landmark book. The book is published in 1976 with the title, Roots: The Saga of an American Family .

In August of 1970 a brand new genre of music takes Jamaica by storm when Deejay U Roy has three songs on the Top Twenty. Dance Hall is born.

More Historical Events in August


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Jamaica-Allspice is an on-line magazine dedicated to showcasing the diversity of Jamaica. You can read about our rich history. For instance did you know that Falmouth is one of the world's most perfect examples of pure Georgian architecture?

Aside from world famous reggae artists and athletes, there are also Jamaicans like George Lecky who developed the Hope Red, one of the most popular varieties of cattle in the world.

There's also the very diverse geography and wildlife of our Island where, almost side by side; iguanas sun on barren rocks, crocodiles lie in wait in mangrove swamps and varieties of birds  fly amongst the trees in our beautiful mountains. You might even see a rodent the size of a dog, the agouti, hiding in a tropical rain forest.

There are lots of other interesting facts. Did you know, for instance, that Jamaica has greater roadway density than anywhere else in the world? Or that we own more cellular phones, per capita, than either the USA or Canada?

Enjoy our magazine and please feel free to send us your comments.

Betty SB


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ALLSPICE "Jamaica Pepper" Eugenia Pimenta: Native Tree the berries of which are a popular spice which tastes like a combination of several other spices   --   OED 
Our magazine offers you many aspects which together give you that unique mixture which is Jamaica.

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